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Pedal Power Bikes & Beer 2018

Pedal Power's Bikes & Beers is a series of fun rides, suitable for all types of bicycles, and riders of all ability levels. Routes are planned with an emphasis on fun, with minimal hills. We do our best to utilize quiet roads, vehicle-free bike paths, and streets with ample shoulders. Bikes & Beer rides end at breweries, brew pubs, or restaurants that support local, craft beers. These rides are free of charge, and anyone may join us to ride. We have only a few requirements in order to participate, check them out below and we hope you will join us on the next ride!


We don't have a big list of rules to ride with us, but we do have a few requirements to keep you and your fellow riders safe (and help our lawyers sleep better at night!). Give them a read below. Should you have any questions, Pedal Power is happy to help you answer them. Don't forget to check out our schedule of rides below!

  • Helmets are required to be worn by all participants during the ride. Protect ya dome!
  • Pedal Power requires all riders to sign an event waiver. Our waivers are now electronic (save a tree!) and are accessible on any device connected to the internet. Sign once and you're covered for an entire season (one calendar year) of Bikes & Beer rides. How easy is that? Click here to sign the 2018 waiver.
  • Once you've signed your waiver, you are required to display a bike-band on your bicycle. Bike bands can be picked up at any Pedal Power location at any time, or from a Pedal Power representative at the start of any Bikes & Beer ride. HINT: Fill out the waiver & pick up your bike band before the Bike & Beers rides & avoid the wait in line the day of the ride. 
  • Please use your best judgement during the ride. Refrain from any activities that may jeopardize the safety of fellow participants, pedestrians, or yourself.
Bikes and Beers

Willibrew Bikes & Beers - Sunday June 24th, 12PM

The one that started them all! Join us for the original Bikes & Beers ride: Willibrew in Willimantic! 20mi of the flattest, nearly car free riding you could hope for! We ride out of the Pedal Power Vernon parking lot & head down the Hop River Trail for a leisurely roll along this packed dirt bike path. There is a new section of the Hop River Trail, added just last year. So new, it's not even on Google Maps yet! Don't worry, we've drawn it onto our map the best we could. Enjoy some awesome beers & fantastic food in Willimantic's old Post-Office building!

Some handy notes regarding our Willibrew ride: this is the longest (and flattest) of all the Bikes & Beers rides. The 20 mile distance is one way. If you elect to ride the entire route, you'll be logging about 40mi for the day. Pedal Power will have representatives leading the group to Willibrew. You are responsible for getting yourself back home. Don't get lost!Download the gps file or print the cue sheet here.

The Hop River Trail has a new section that was added last year. To access it, you will need to cross over both lanes of traffic on Route 66, just after the bridge that goes over the Willimantic River, and just before Mackey's. Confused? Make sure you read our map. Use caution & your best judgement when crossing the road!! 

Bikes and Beers

30 Mile Brewing - Sunday July 22nd 12 PM

Pedal Power welcomes 30 Mile Brewing into the fold of Bikes & Beers for the new season of rides! The ride starts at Pedal Power in Essex, and will roll down to the shoreline of Old Saybrook, before heading back up north to our destination, 30 Mile Brewing. This route will be a leisurely 15 miles, ridden primarily on paved roads. Bring your road, hybrid, cross, or cruiser bike for this one! While Pedal Power will lead you down to the brewery, you will be responsible for getting yourself back to your car or home.

Don't get lost! You can download our GPS file or cue sheet of the route here. Please arrive early enough to get prepared & ready to roll at 12 pm sharp! It's good courtesy to your fellow riders who are eagerly awaiting the start. Please be certain to tip your bartender/waitstaff well, & thank the folks at 30 Mile for hosting us!

Bike and Beers

Stubborn Beauty Brewing - Sunday, August 12th, 1PM

A local Middletown favorite, we're pretty stoked that Stubborn Beauty wanted to participate with our Bikes & Beer rides again this year! Their facility is typically closed on Sundays (all that delicious beer needs to get brewed at some point, right?), but they are making a special exception just for all of you (our beer riders)! We'll start the ride out of the rear parking lot of Pedal Power, and ride through fairly quiet country roads out to Lyman's Orchard before winding back in to our destination in the North End of Middletown: Stubborn Beauty Brewing.

A couple of things to keep in mind: please don't park in any spaces designated as "church parking" behind Pedal Power. While our lot is fairly limited in terms of parking, there are plentiful parking areas around downtown. We will provide staff to lead you out on the ride, but getting back to where you parked is your responsibility. Speaking of parking, you have a couple of options: you may park at or close to Pedal Power, and ride back to your car from the brewery. Or, park near the brewery, and ride the short mile to Pedal Power for the start of the ride. Whichever you choose, please be ready to roll promptly at 1PM as a courtesy to everyone else who's ready to go. Don't get lost! Make sure you download our gpx or cue sheet file of the route here. Please be sure to thank our hosts at Stubborn Beauty for opening especially for us, and make sure to purchase a growler or two to take home!

Stony Creek Brewery- Sunday, August 26th - 12PM

Join us for our first ride of the season at Stony Creek Brewing in Branford! We'll take a leisurely ride leaving from the brewery, down along the coast, winding along scenic roads as we end where we started. Stony Creek will have their great selection of beers available, as well as food to replenish the energy you expended during the ride!

This ride rolls at 12 Noon on Sunday, May 20th. Please plan on arriving early as a courtesy to your fellow riders who are ready to go at noon. Stony Creek has very limited parking available. However, parking is extremely plentiful at the commuter lot on Maple St / Kirkham St. Please park at the commuter lot & ride 2-3 minutes to the brewery. Don't get lost! Download the GPS file, or memorize the map here:

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