Service Policies

Pedal Power new bike service plans:

Single Speed Bicycles:

Three months free adjustments

Mountain Bikes:

Six months free adjustments and one more at year's end

Road, Hybrid, and Comfort Mountain Bikes:

One year free adjustments

Pedal Power Used Bikes:

One month free adjustments

NOTE: The intention of the free adjustments is to help keep your bicycle in good working order while it goes through an initial break in period.  If ridden hard or in adverse conditions the bicycle may require some maintenance that will not be free.  Pedal Power recommends that the customer bring the bicycle in after 10, 25, and 35 hours of riding.  Pedal Power recommends a tune up yearly thereafter.

NOTE FOR MOUNTAIN BIKERS: Rear derailleurs will not withstand having any debris (sticks, rocks, feet, logs, etc.) lodged in them.  There will be a catastrophic failure of the rear derailleur and/or frame.  This is not covered under the free adjustments or manufacturer's warrantee.

Storage Fee:

There is a storage fee of $2 per week commencing 14 days after the repair is scheduled to be picked up.