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Pedal Power Rewards Program

Pedal Power Connecticut Rewards Club

Pedal Power's Rewards Program "PPCT" is designed to benefit anyone who is a regular customer at all of our stores. We tried to make our rewards program easy to understand, and easy to participate. Simply spend $1000 at Pedal Power during the rewards program year, and earn 10% off clothing & accessories for the remainder of the rewards program year. All of your transactions are tracked in our computer system. When you hit the threshold of $1000, you are automatically entered into our Rewards Program, and you will receive your 10% off clothing & accessories when you purchase them. No coupons, no redemption certificates, no waiting to get your discount. Instant gratification. This is our way of saying "thank you for being a loyal Pedal Power customer!"


Some commonly asked questions about Pedal Power's Rewards Program:

What is the Rewards Program 'year' you mentioned? - Pedal Power's Rewards Program runs from November 1st through October 31st (Halloween) of the following year. This is the period of time during which you need to log your $1000 worth of purchases & redeem your 10% off.

Do I have to spend $1000 all at once to get into the program? - That's one way to do it, but that's not the only way. Basically, any combination that gets you to $1000 is valid. You can spend $500 in November, and another $500 in January (then you'll get 10% off clothing & accessories until Halloween). You can spend $100 a month from December through September (10 months), and then earn your 10% off until October 31st (Halloween).

What happens after October 31st? - Once we hit October 31st, the program automatically resets for all participants. Beginning November 1st, you begin working towards your $1000 threshold to earn your 10% off for the next rewards program period.

So once I spend $1000, I get 10% off clothing & accessories. That's awesome! Can I get 10% off that new bike I've been eyeing up? - Negative. 10% off is applicable only towards clothing and accessories (clothing, shoes, helmets, tools, bags, pumps, etc). If you have any other specific questions about what you can redeem your 10% towards, ask one of our sales consultants.

Sounds like a great program. What else do I need to do to join? - Not a lot. We simply ask that when we enter your profile into our computer system to track your reward's status, you provide us with a valid email address. We'll email you when you hit the $1000 threshold & activate your 10% off, and also to remind you when the program is ending so you can take advantage of your discount before it resets.

Why did you choose to run the program from November through October (the following year)? - Good question! When we sat down and thought about the timeframe of the program, we wanted to make sure that holiday shopper's purchases were counted towards the upcoming riding season.

Other PPCT perks include:

3 complimentary basic bicycle rentals! Be the cool kid and bring your friends for a bicycle ride to get them "into" your new sport.

Early notice of sales and clinics! That's right. Get great deals before anyone else knows about them and make sure you get into that cool clinic.