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Weekly Group Rides

Pedal Power offers several weekly recurring group rides for road, rail-trail, and mountain biking. All rides are free to the public and everyone is encouraged to join. We love to see you participating in your local cycling community!  Our Group rides have varying intensity so anyone can join.

All participants are required to wear a CPSC rated cycling helmet.

Please arrive early to be prepared for your ride. It is highly suggested that you also bring two water bottles, a high energy snack (like gels, Clif bar, etc), a spare tube & an emergency repair kit. If you don't have any of the mentioned items, Pedal Power stocks a wide variety of options. Visit us well in advance of the ride so we can help you pick out the items that will best suit your riding!

All riders are required to fill out Pedal Power's group-ride-waiver once per year. You must fill out a waiver for each store if you ride at multiple locations. 

Frequently check this Ride Alert page for ride route and weather status.

We look forward to riding with you and feel free to call your local Pedal Power with any questions.

A Word About Road Ride Dynamics

A Ride: Survival of the fittest. No waiting. Every climb is a challenge.  If you are an A pace rider, you probably know it!

B Ride: Usually the same route as a C ride, but at a pace of 16-18mph.  Generally no regrouping.

C Ride: Some periodic re-grouping.  Usually a pace of 14-16mph. If you're more than a few minutes off the pace of the main group, you'll probably be riding with your own group or on your own.

D Ride: Re-grouping, no drop

E Ride: Re-grouping, no drop, and shorter distance than the D Ride.

Weekly Group Rides Ride Alert

 All Winter Long
Tuesday Night MTB Ride - 6:30pm
(Lights Required)

Maromas (Middlesex) Forest.  955 acres of technical single-track.  Intermediate to advance no drop MTB ride.  Don't forget your lights!

Meet at the parking are on Ceder Lane.  Ride heads out at 6:30pm.

Ride is generally a go.  We'll strike out the description if it's cancelled.


Wednesday Night MTB Ride - 6:00pm

(Lights Required) 

Cowles Park in East Granby.  These are purpose built MTB trails that are beginner to intermediate fun and freindly.  This is a begginer to intermediate no drop MTB ride.  Don't forget your lights!

Meet at the parking are for Cowels Park.  Ride heads out at 6:00pm.

We'll be starting next week!

Ride is generally a go.  We'll strike out the description if it's cancelled.

 All Winter Long
Saturday Morning Road Ride - 9:00amRide heads out from the back parking lot of our Middletown Store.  Ride course and pace are determined each ride.  Expect a 'C' type pace and varies by who shows.  It usually goes for 30-40miles.

This is an un-led ride where are bunch of people just show up and ride.  It's a fun, easy going group.

 All Winter Long
Weekend Vernon Gravel Ride
Sunday, 10:00am
Tony has a great gravel plan.  The plan is to leave from the Pedal Power, Vernon parking lot and eventually end up at the Coventry Famers Market!  Should be a blast!!!  Bring some cash and a backpack!!!!




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