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Bike Paths

This section contains a few places to ride your bicycle in a car-free environment. Some areas are paved, while others consist of hard-packed stone dust or fine gravel. Most of these are also multi-use trails. You may see other cyclists, rollerbladers, joggers, dog-walkers, etc. Remember trail etiquette, watch out for younger/slower cyclists/trail users, overtake slower riders only on their left, and announce your intentions with a gentle "On your left" or with the use of a bell. The locations detailed here are a couple of the most popular. There are many others available, ranging from town-specific trails to multi-town trails that connect through different areas. If you've enjoyed these trails and want to check out some others, pick up a copy of Pathways Through Connecticut, available at Pedal Power.

Airline State Park Trail-East Hampton

This is the beginning portion of the Airline State Park trail that stretches for approximately 50mi from East Hampton to Putnam. The trail's surface is crushed, packed stone dust so slick, non-treaded tires used specifically for road bicycles might be tough going. Hybrids, comfort bikes, cyclocross bikes and road multi-surface tires should have no problems. The grade is extremely gentle so there are no worries about climbing big, steep hills.

Directions/Parking access: From Rt 2, take exit 13 to RT 66 West. Follow into the town of East Hampton and take a left onto Lakeview St. Take a left onto Flanders Rd then a right onto Smith St. The trail can be accessed about .2 mi from the intersection of Smith and Flanders. Limited parking is available for trail users at Smith St.

Farmington Canal Heritage Trail-Cheshire Section

The Canal trail runs from New Haven, north up towards the Massachusetts border and travels through several towns. The surface is made of mostly paved surfaces, suitable for all types of bicycles. Grades are extremely mellow, so you don't have to worry about climbing steep hills. The trail is wide enough for bicycle and pedestrian traffic to travel in both directions.

Directions/Parking access: Parking is available near the northern end of the trail and in the parking lot at the Lock 12 Historical Park.

From RT 10 North: Take a left at the junction with Route 42 and travel west for approx. 1.5mi. Parking is located at Lock 12 Historical Park on the left side of the road.

From RT 10 South: Take a right onto Route 42 (North Brooksvale Rd) and travel west for approx. 1.5mi. Parking is located at Lock 12 Historical Park on the left side of the road.