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Pedal Power Bicycle Fittings

Trek Precision Bike Fitting Saddle Pressure Analysis Tool

Bike Fit Services

Did you feel completely uninspired to ride your bicycle the last time you looked at it? Does that darn bicycle you thought would transform your life make you hurt after 20 minutes of riding? Worse, does it make you hurt for days after a ride. You have found your way to our bicycle fitting page for a reason. Let our fitters bring you to the next level of fun on your bicycle. We will help you describe your ideal bicycle experience and then make the bicycle match your body so that you can go on that ultimate ride! Your riding buddies will be asking why all of a sudden you want to extend every ride! Just half an hour more! The yard work can wait!   

Browse the fitting services that we offer below. Then call our Middletown location at (860) 347-3776 to schedule your fitting (Please note: a deposit is required to schedule any fitting appointment). Click here to contact us with questions. 

Bike Fitting Services

Pedal Power offers several different fitting services that will help you ride more!  Please contact us via phone, web, or in person for a more detailed explanation of our fitting services or techniques. Contact us to begin a Bike Fitting Inquiry.

  • Existing Bike Fit - Includes: extensive pre-fitting interview, our standard body analysis to gauge your flexibility, core strength, and range-of-motion; foot analysis, motion-video capture during the fitting, and saddle pressure mapping. (You may upgrade to a full saddle pressure analysis if you desire). We perform the fitting on your current bicycle. Your pre-fit and post-fit bike dimensions are recorded and documented. (1.5-2 hrs)
  • Size Cycle Fit - You get the same interview, standard body and foot analysis, motion-video capture, and a single, baseline saddle pressure map as our Existing Fit. We perform the fitting on our fully adjustable Size Cycle, where we can determine your ideal position outside of the constraints of a pre-existing bicycle. This fitting is perfect if you have more than one bike that you would like to fit the same and is part of our custom-made bicycle process. Aerobars require an upgrade as they are time intensive to adjust. A full saddle pressure analysis upgrade is available with this fitting as well. (Bring your current bike and shoe/pedals as they have great information worn into them!)
  • Saddle Pressure Analysis - Each fitting we perform includes saddle pressure mapping. We use this tool to confirm saddle position. Saddle pressure analysis enables our bike fit professionals to investigate how changes in saddle model or body position affect your dynamic saddle pressure, pelvic rotation, and pelvic movement. Saddle pressure is no longer an ambiguous, anecdotal measurement. Measurable data and a visual representation that doubles as biofeedback during your fitting elevate our ability to make you more stable, efficient, and comfortable while riding.
  • Triathlon/TT - Tri fitting includes all the existing bike fit process with an aero twist. We can help you PR your favorite course!
  • Second/Third or 10th Bike Match - Have another bicycle or few that you'd like to fit the same as your first bike? We can make that happen!
  • Other Services - Don't see a service that you would like performed? Feel free to contact us via phone, email or in-person. Chances are good that we can tailor something specific to align with your fitting needs.

All fittings are by appointment only in our Middletown location, and a deposit is required to book an appointment.  You will need to bring all of your regular cycling clothing (jersey, shorts, shoes, etc). Snug fitting cycling clothing is important as it allows the fitter to observe the contours of your body. If you do not own cycling shorts or a jersey, we have an assortment for sale. Consider arriving early should you need to try on some options to find your favorite fit.

(Bring your current bike and shoe/pedals to all fittings as they have great information worn into them! Even size cycle fittings.)

Contact Us With Questions About Bike Fittings

About Our Fitting Staff

Pedal Power's bike fitting service can guide you to the correct fit through our -

  • Experience and Empathy - We go the extra mile to make your bicycle right for you because we know how much more fun it is to ride a bicycle that fits correctly. The combination of our riding experience and positive fit outcomes over the years has honed our skillset to better serve our clients. We listen to you so that we can fulfill your cycling needs.
  • Tools - Improvement in tools is what has allowed us to keep refining our process. Trek Precision Fit Motion capture video and state of the art Pressure analysis allow us to see things fit professionals had to traditionally guess about. We can now see how you move in slow/stop motion at any point in the pedal stroke. Couple that with dynamic saddle pressure analysis for fit outcomes that allow you to go further, faster or simply be comfortable again on your bicycle.
  • Certification - We only have certified fit staff.  All staff have completed either Trek or Specialized fitting schools.
  • Education - We are continually seeking out new information to better serve our clients. Staying abreast of the latest theories so that you can reap the benefits of a lifetime of cycling.
  • Humility - Knowing when a bicycle fitting is not the solution. Bicycle fitting can be a huge help in getting you back on your bicycle after an injury. Most often we can help you work through injuries and get back riding. Knowing when we can not is key to your long term riding success. We have an extensive network of medical professionals that can help you when a fitting just is not enough to get you out and enjoying your bicycle.
image of Gary riding a wheelie

Gary wheelie-ing the finish at Mt. Washington

Gary is a life-long cyclist, and typically logs between 3 and 5 thousand miles a season. He rides both road and mountain bikes, and has completed the Mt Washington Hill Climb several years running. Gary also leads several Pedal Power road and mountain group rides per week, throughout the year. There are few places Gary would rather be than on his bike, jumping rocks in the woods, or sprinting for the town-line, or training to chase his PR up Mt. Washington. Gary has both Level 1 and Advanced certifications from Serotta International Cycling Institute, as well as Trek Precision Fit certifications: Levels I and II.